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Charlestowne has been enrolled in the city’s traffic calming program since 2018, and we are in Phase 2, Selective Enforcement. Traffic Engineering has been collecting data on Beaufain to determine whether the lines added for bike and parking lanes have encouraged folks to slow down. Traffic Engineering has presented their findings at our general meetings.

Speeding and traffic issues are continuing to cause problems in our neighborhood, especially along Beaufain Blvd. The speed limit is 25 mph throughout our area. Beaufain Blvd. is a two lane street with bike and parking lanes on each side, and passing on the right by driving into the bike lane is illegal. (Code of Virginia, 46.2-841.c :

September 2023:

Petitions for Stage 2 and 3 of the city’s Traffic Calming Program are complete.

Charlestowne will be getting Increased Fine signs along Beaufain Blvd. and increased enforcement by VBPD.

A year after the signs are in place, traffic data will be evaluated to determine whether speed tables are needed.

January 2023:

Charlestowne qualifies to move into Phase 3, Increased Fines. This will require
a petition signed by 75% of the affected property owners. If you live adjacent to Beaufain
Blvd., you can expect civic league volunteers to visit you soon with the petition.

For more information on the traffic calming program, visit Traffic Calming on the City of Virginia Beach website OR come to our general meetings.
Please continue to obey the speed limit, drive safely, and report concerns to VBPD at 385-



Please continue to obey the speed limit, drive safely, and report concerns to VBPD at 385- 5000.

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3 Replies to “Traffic Calming”

  1. What does it take to get speed tables? It has been very bad since they opened the end of Beaufain to lynnhaven. I moved here 9 yrs ago because I wanted
    To live on a dead end.

  2. Why can’t we just put a 4-way stop at Beaufain and Legare. Having to stop half-way through the subdivision would make it way less attractive to cut through.

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